Project 2

This is Aspect 1. I created the white sock which Harry gives to Dobby.

Aspect 1.1Aspect 1.2

This is a storyboard summary of the game, Harry Potter and the Missing Sock. It introduces you to the game concept, and shows you a walkthrough of how it works.

Aspect 3

This is a mood board of the type of game I was wanting to create. I want the game to be viewed from behind the character, and success is based off the precision and timing of the player.

Project 1

For my pre-production planning, I’ve taken the memorable scene from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets where Harry Potter gives Dobby a sock, followed by Dobby going “Master has given Dobby sock… Dobby is free.” They suddenly appear in a white room and it is a commercial for NIKE socks.


Mood board 1

Mood board 1 is the type of mood and vibe which appeared in the Hogwarts hallway in the traditional movie scene.


Mood board 2

Mood board 2 is the mood I wanted to portray in the sudden appearance into a white room when they promote socks.

Storyboard 1Storyboard 2Storyboard 3

These storyboards took shots from the traditional film, followed by photoshop editions for the scenes which Dobby and Harry Potter appear in suits promoting NIKE socks.
On the right is the character development for how Dobby should appear when promoting NIKE socks in the second scene. I had a ‘cars salesman’ image in my head but took many inspirations for a business look from stock images from Google Images (top left), Donald Trump (top right), the archetypical British gentleman (bottom left) and another businessman. (bottom right)
On the left is the appearance I wanted to give Harry Potter when he appears in the new white room selling socks. He is in suits and formal dress because I also wanted to give him a ‘cars salesman’ look. He is in just a button-up shirt on the top-left, a suit on the top-right, a typical business look such as Donald Trump on the bottom-left, and an archetypical British man on the bottom right.